PROF. FRANK HOWARD 1857-c.1920

Howard, Frank (Front view)

Prof.Frank Howard was one of the earlier tattoo artists in the new electrical age.  After touring with Barnum & Bailey's Circus in the early 1900's as the "original tattooed man" accompanied by his sister Annie Howard "the tattooed woman", he opened a tattoo shop and supply business. The Boston Business Directory lists Prof. Frank Howard as doing business at 116 and 153 Court Street, down on the waterfront near Scolly Square from 1907 to 1925.  Howard was joined by Ed Smith and Prof. Harry Lawson, designating 153 Court Street as one of the biggest tattoo shops on the east coast of America. 

Howard, Frank (front page) catologtif

                                      Pages from Howard's tattooers supply catalog

Howard, Frank(front cover) B
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